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Student Achievement

Check out Roseburg School District's Teaching & Learning Department. We will be adding more information to these pages in the near future that will give families and community members a deeper understanding of our teaching and learning process.

Student Investment Account

Our district SIA plan addresses the need of supporting student mental and behavioral needs through social-emotional learning and supports embedded in core instruction. It also addresses the need to increase students’ sense of belonging and safety and the need for increased instructional time by the reduction of classroom disruptions.

Bus Routes

Find your student's bus route information through our new searchable online platform.

School Meals

Find lunch menus and sign up for the So Happy app that offers detailed nutritional breakdowns of student meals.

Summer Meal Program

Lunchbox Express buses will deliver free meals from June 15 to Aug. 21.

Online Registration

Learn about our new online registration process for new and re-enrolling students.

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